Bootcamp for the Brain!


I finished day one on Monday, June 16 of my one-week-on-campus-finale for my UNI Instructional Technology Summer Class – Using Digital and Social Media in Education.


It was day one of a bootcamp for my brain. I have taught for eight years at the same school now and I love to learn and keep things lively in my classroom, but on Monday, I realized there are many, many more things I can and will be doing to create an even more engaging and challenging curriculum for my students this coming fall.

It was a big day on Monday, with a number of different aspects. To start with we learned more about what this two year maters degree cohort program will entail.

The next thing we moved into was a number of introductions to various programs and applications presented by classmates.


The first application we learned about was Sonic Pics, a digital story-telling program, you can create, record, & share custom photo slideshows using an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It is a powerful application for creating and sharing slideshows and other great things online. You can use images as slides, record narrations, or play your recorded slideshows on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.


The next app was called StoryKit and was a very fun app for creating electronic storybooks, especially for elementary grades. This group also shared a StoryKit How-To with the group too.



Tinkerbox was the next  App that was presented. It is great problem-solving game that introduces some basic physics, coding concepts, and sequencing concepts. Could be great for some thinkers.


One last program shared by my group was Educreations. It is a program that lets you turn an iPad or even a laptop into recordable intereactive whiteboard lessons. It looks like a multi level platform as well, with many interesting applications.

And all of this was just in day one. That is great and a potentially useful program for flipping the classroom and/or showing processes to students or to have students create steps to show understanding and/or scoffolded learning!


Awesome first day!


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