Brain Bootcamp – Day 2

Tuesday of UNI Instructional Technology Summer Class was intense again.


We started the day with student led presentations on QR Codes 

 Scan The QR Code Above: (

There were a tone of great resources shared with us in this session.

Here are some of them:



Next we learned about several 3D programs that read information and then create avatars. Can use them to liven up the classwork a bit. I was a very intense day. It was a productive  experience.

One great augmented reality App/program that could be used is Aurasma. I was cool? I would love to use it some, you can make two-dimensional business cards or papers of things the kid’s know.

We also met in the library with Bettina Fabos who talked to us about Camp Mutlimedia taking place on the UNI campus. She has some great seuggestions.

Next we Zoomed for a while with Jason Groth a High Waverly-Shell Rock.

He spoke about his use of augmented reality and the program he used, Layar, which is actually an App with all of  as well?

Then it was time to work on our group projects! Wow! I am beat.

I was good to get some time in with my group to work on our project.

Great information!


Great Summer!




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