Brain Bootcamp – Day 4

Thursday! After the fourth night on the couch of some young men who are young enough to be my sons, I was back on campus at 8AM.


We worked for a while on our group projects. My group were real troopers with this and put in a ton  of time working to meet and exceed the expectations.

We were all starting to feel the stress of having to finish this large project and ingesting all of the other events of the week. This was an intense week of leraning and creating.

We went up to the classroom we had been using to hear fellow students Maria & Linsey show us the potentials of the LMS program Schoology. They did a great job of showing us what this Learning Managment System is capable of for teachers and for a school. I wish our school were able to purchase this program.

When they were done, Tamara & Dana showed us what the Edmodo platform offers. It too is an LMS and has many great features. Its free version is pretty useful to a teacher or a school. I have used it in the past and may use it more now that I know a bit more about its organizing potentials.

Dr. Z freed us to work on our projects together in the Schindler Education Center (SEC) or the Rod Library on campus. We had been meeting in and using the SEC during our time on campus at UNI thus far, so we stayed there. They had good facilities and it is a comfortable place to work. My group worked on our group project until 8PM again. By the end of the evening we were pretty stressed out about getting everything done for Friday to present. We all had things to do that evening after leaving in order to finish things up.

Have you ever worked on a collaborative project with people you did not know at all for a class or job? Do you think it matters if you know the people well or not? How did working with others go for you?



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